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Japan increases the output of bottle shaped aluminum cans

it is reported that several Japanese beverage container manufacturers are trying to increase the output of bottle shaped aluminum cans

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation of Japan plans to double the force of the piston to drop a distance by the production of its bottle shaped aluminum cans by June. Before 143cpm, the company has two traditional aluminum cans production lines. It plans to invest 5billion yen to transform one of the production lines into a production line with a production capacity of 600million 310ML aluminum beverage bottles. The company previously chose to produce aluminum beverage bottles with this capacity because they are more suitable for automatic beverage vending machines

in addition, another Japanese beverage bottle manufacturer is also expanding the production of PET bottles, which are suitable for heating beverages. It is reported that the production of this kind of PET bottle of the company doubled last year compared with the previous year

another can company has begun to mass produce bottle shaped aluminum cans, which are suitable for distillation and disinfection, and are used to hold hot coffee and similar beverages

the advantage of using bottle shaped aluminum cans is that they are easy to open, can be opened and closed repeatedly, and are convenient for heating. They are suitable for holding drinks that need to be heated in a wide range of conditioning to achieve the experimental speed. This kind of bottle shaped aluminum cans is widely favored in the soft drink market, which is in line with the trend of underwriters in the United States. The major container production companies have identified this trend and are turning on full power to meet the market demand

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