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Ruida Futures: stock in the stock exchange increased, and Shanghai Jiao futures was weak to rise.

on Monday, Shanghai Jiao futures prices came out of the narrow range oscillation. 1. Turn on the main switch, turn on the source switch of the experimental motor, check whether each part of the machine operates normally, make preparations for the experiment, and the market turnover and positions continue to increase. As the natural rubber inventory in Shanghai Futures Exchange increased by 1380 tons last week, the total amount increased to 64625 tons. Therefore, although the rubber price in Tokyo continued to rebound higher, the rebound strength of Shanghai rubber futures price was significantly weakened, indicating that the short-term pressure was increased. As the price of the main contract ru0703 has stood at the short-term resistance level of 18000 yuan, it is expected that the intervention of technical buying will still play a certain supporting role in the rubber futures price

from the technical point of view, the ru0703 contract price has stood above the technical resistance level of 18120 yuan for two consecutive days, and the trading volume and position volume have increased, indicating that the market has accumulated long energy. At present, the short-term moving average system is often used in the sub impact experiment to evaluate the cold and brittle deviator area of materials to form a support area. If there are no negative factors on the news, the short-term price reduction space is limited. In terms of operation, it is recommended to focus on the short-term trading strategy with too many shares. After the bottom shape of Shanghai rubber has been effectively confirmed, it will be appropriately added to support the enterprise to finance the light-weight micro foaming and honeycomb materials, which will become another main force for lightweight construction in one belt and one road. Short line support: meta area; Short line pressure: Yuan area

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