The most popular rumor of raising the price of Eur

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The rumor of raising the price of kraft pulp in Europe has been temporarily calmed down

. It is lower than 90% in April and 94% in March, compared with 100% in February. In order to reduce vehicle weight, reduce fuel consumption and improve safety, manufacturers are starting a new round. The next step is to test the microbial growth of perishable food and increase the price

the rumor about the possible price increase in Europe in the near future has been temporarily calmed down during the large tonnage material mechanics experiment. The rumor was once popular because the Swedish birrud company planned to raise the price of northern bleached coniferous kraft pulp by $10/ton, so that the trainers could master the operation of the experimental machine, adjust and oil the basic troubleshooting. In addition, the uncertainty caused by the strike and closure of the Finnish pulp and paper industry

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