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The value of the law of raising the value from glass to coloured glaze is that it is a distant figure, a rare and unrepeatable crystallization of an era of civilization. Its historical and cultural values, of course, also include technological values, have been nurtured over a long period of time

contemporary coloured glaze ornaments coloured glaze has different names in different periods. Now it's called glass. Of course, some people still call it colored glass, which seems a little old-fashioned. It looks different from glass, and it seems that things are a little pearly. In fact, glass, coloured glaze, or "material" are basically the same thing

at a party, a man took out a bead and asked everyone to judge the material. The bead is very beautiful, and it is a twisted tire. Many people can't understand it. Of course, I know it is coloured glaze at first glance. But he insisted that I had guessed wrong. Finally, he said that his bead was made of "material". He was right. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, people used to call it "material". This is because glass was regarded as a precious material at that time. This special material is often transported to the palace, where it is made into exquisite utensils, bowls, plates, vases, beads, and stationery such as water bowls, pen washes, pen holders, and pen containers. Of course, there are more complicated and colorful snuff bottles. At that time, they were treated almost the same as jade and ivory

at some auctions today, the expected court wares may sell for millions of yuan each. "Glass things, so expensive?" You must be amazed. In fact, it's not surprising, because the process of processing these glassware at that time was different from today's. It is exactly the same as the craft of jade carving. There are also cutting, cutting, mound carving, grinding and other means. The craft value of the products is very high. If you are lucky enough to see these Qinggong glassware with your own eyes and appreciate them, you will be amazed at the extraordinary ability of the original craftsmen. The shape, proportion and lines are symmetrical, smooth and beautiful to the extreme

in the Western Zhou Dynasty, the name of feiangsi turtle back beads and tube beads

colored glaze gives it an ancient meaning. If I said that we had glass in China more than 2000 years ago, you would feel uncomfortable. But there were coloured glaze at that time. I don't think you would feel anything wrong. The earliest glazed products can even be traced back to the Neolithic age. At that time, the colored glaze also had the characteristics of pottery. Its texture was rough and opaque. Coloured glaze was first invented by foreigners. Egypt and the Lianghe civilization have existed for a long time. When it was introduced into China through the Silk Road, the Chinese people began to make their own efforts. The ancestor of coloured glaze is feyons, which is the half ceramic and half glass thing I just mentioned. It is widely used in jewelry

in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, the technology that the Chinese learned from foreigners became a school of their own, and they made a rare glazed product called "Dragonfly eye". The material of this thing is glass, but it was invaluable at that time. What is the most rare property of pp-lgf30 material used to evaluate the wear of single or multiple steel wire friction pairs, steel pipe friction pairs and rubber pipe friction pairs in the eyes of the ancients? It's Heshi Bi and suihou Zhu! This glass bead, dragonfly eye, is the well-known Marquis bead. If you had such a bead to contribute to the powerful people, the benefits would be unimaginable. Of course, it is not difficult to copy such things today. I always think that it is too thick to say that the craftsmanship of such things has been lost and that people can no longer make such things. With today's technology, what can't be done

Dragonfly eye with glazed beads in the Warring States period

the glazed ear in the Han Dynasty can only be enhanced due to the high molecular heat activity of high molecular data under high temperature

glazed hairpins and hairpins in the Song Dynasty

only time can not do it. The reason why antiques are antiques is that they are not things of the present, but things of the past, flowers in the depths of time, and crystal stars in the historical sky. This cannot be duplicated. Dragonfly eyes from the state of Chu are certainly different from the glass beads produced today. So the Chu beads that exist today are of very high value. Good Dragonfly eyes, tens of thousands of them. Its value lies in that it is a distant figure, a rare and unrepeatable crystallization of civilization of an era. Its historical and cultural values, of course, also include technological values, have been nurtured by a long time. The charm of antique cultural relics, in addition to its beauty, also has many rich psychological experiences. The long time has covered it, making it look so mysterious and extraordinary. It is both a legend and a reality

industrialization makes glass the most common thing. Rare things are precious. If they are common, they will become common. If they are easy to get, there is no need to cherish them. Who hasn't seen glass? Who doesn't have glass? It is as beautiful as the ancient colored glaze. Of course, it has a variety of forms. But it is worthless. Because there are so many, because it is so easy to make and obtain them

however, some people who deeply love glass are not satisfied with the fact that glass, as a daily necessities and a common material, is ignored and despised. They persist in bringing these materials back to the realm of handmade and pure aesthetics. Among the glass lovers I met, some made glass desks for appreciating stones, and some made elegant furnaces, incense, tea sets and stationery with glass in the spirit of originality and craftsmanship. They strive to learn from the tradition, pay tribute to the tradition, give new life to the glass, make it glow with the attribute of "treasure" like the ancestors, and inject culture, creativity, dexterity, imagination and various interests into it

in fact, although misunderstanding always exists, it can be eliminated in some fields. Since bamboo is cheap, it can be more valuable than gold after being carved by literati; Since purple clay and kaolin can break cocoons and turn into butterflies after the burning of kiln fire; Since the ordinary rice paper has become a cultural treasure through the tensile strength experiment of large breaking elongation and tensile energy absorption; Why can't the crystal clear glass be painted with powder and molded with soul to make it smile and look forward to? Moreover, it is not a tree without roots. It is a beautiful woman who is young and never old. Her quality is as clean as a spring, her form is as beautiful as a demon, and her appearance is as varied as if there were nothing. Its name is glass, or coloured glaze, or medicinal jade, or pot material, or material. It is an elf that accompanies human beings. It is a transparent heart between heaven and earth

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