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It is said that Huawei's two blocked acquisitions in the United States exceeded its rivals by hundreds of millions of dollars at noon on August 3 Beijing time. According to foreign media reports, compared with PP samples containing bromine flame retardants, according to insiders who have kept stable recently, Huawei's two acquisitions in the United States last month were frustrated again, and Huawei's bids in both acquisitions exceeded its competitors by 100million dollars

according to a person who asked not to be named, the acquiree doubted whether Huawei's acquisition of 2WIRE software and Motorola's wireless equipment division could pass the approval of the US government. The acquisition conditions proposed by Huawei have not been made public

Huawei has been cooperating with Morgan Stanley in the United States to try to acquire an American company. In 2008, due to the obstruction of the US government, Huawei gave up its efforts to jointly bid for 3Com with Bain Capital

according to the source, Huawei has been cooperating with law firms such as Sullivan & Cromwell, Skadden, Arp2, adopting the dual pump oil supply system s, slate and Meagher & flom LLP to solve the legal problems encountered in the acquisition. You can simply change some states

on July 19, Nokia Siemens Communications (hereinafter referred to as "Nokia Siemens") won the bid for Motorola's wireless division, although Huawei's bid was 10% higher than that of Nokia Siemens. In order to narrow the gap with Huawei's offer, NOSi agreed that Motorola should retain about US $150million in accounts receivable, cash and some assets. Motorola has also been able to retain most of its patents in the field of wireless networking devices

just a week later, Huawei lost its bid for 2WIRE to pace, a British set-top box manufacturer. Pace's offer is $475million, while Huawei's offer is even higher. However, 2WIRE was worried that the long-term review by the U.S. government would slow down the pace of the transaction, so it rejected Huawei's acquisition

when an American company is about to be acquired by an overseas company, the overseas investment committee of the United States is responsible for reviewing whether the acquisition or other business activities will threaten the national security of the United States. However, Chinese technology companies have also successfully broken through policy barriers. For example, in 2005, Lenovo proposed to acquire IBM's PC business for us $175million. After months of debate, the US government finally approved the acquisition. Sina Technology

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