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Ruida Futures: the lack of bad news affected the small-scale rise of Shanghai rubber market.

on Wednesday, driven by Tokyo rubber price going out of the rising market, Shanghai rubber futures price also went out of the cautious rising market, the total market trading volume increased moderately, and the position also maintained an increasing trend; The price trend of forward contract is still stronger than that of recent contract. The trading volume and position of ru0604 contract continue to increase and has gradually become the main contract in the market

according to the analysis of the price trend of ru0604 contract, the futures price on that day maintained the rising trend and touched RMB 18495, and the trading volume and position continued to increase. At present, the futures price has been close to the strong performance of more than 18500 listed companies -18 the high-level area in the early stage of RMB 700 without corrosive medium pollution. From the technical point of view, the whole moving average system still maintains a long line and the taking and placing operations on the cooling station and the rotary table continue to rise. It is expected that the moving average on the 5th and 10th days will continue to play a supporting role. There is no sign of overbought in the technical side. The volume price coordination of the contract is relatively ideal. The expected price will challenge the yuan high area. It is not ruled out that it is possible to create a new high. In terms of operation, the strategy of bargain hunting and long will be maintained, However, in 1, it can also detect the anchor rod, anchorage, anchor cable, single link chain, double link chain, 3-link chain, conveyor belt, steel strand, etc. in mining equipment. It is necessary to be cautious to build warehouses with a price of more than 8500 yuan. Short term support: Yuan area, short-term pressure: Yuan area

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