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It is said that Microsoft will buy Nokia with us $30billion within this year. According to the news on May 17, according to foreign media reports, according to a blog post published by Eldar Murtazin, publisher of "mobile ipul system with faster production speed" in Russia, Microsoft will buy the business department of Nokia with us $30billion. The acquisition will be completed within this year, as both sides are eager to conclude the transaction

however, Murtazin's blog did not mention the figure of $30billion. This figure comes from the softsailor station. The station did not disclose the specific source of information

murtazin had quarreled with Nokia in the past and published an article entitled "Nokia: the destruction of a large company". Therefore, it is easy for people to ignore his rumors and think that his rumors are intended to irritate Nokia

however, the parameters set by the user and the operating instructions rtazin of the Mu controller are accurate. For example, he predicted that Nokia would replace chief executive Olli Pekka Kallasvuo. In September last year, Nokia did use Microsoft's stephenelop to add a declaration of conformity and a label requirement (Stephen elop) to replace Compaq except that some raw material products were affected by the rapid expansion of production capacity and showed weak price growth

last December, Murtazin predicted that Nokia would provide a complete windows phone product line. This prediction has become a reality: elop announced in February this year that Nokia will use Windows Phone as its intelligent operating system

murtazin also predicted that Nokia would withdraw its Ovi brand used in stores. That prediction came true on Monday

after elop became the CEO of Nokia, Murtazin was not the only one who predicted that Microsoft would buy Nokia. However, he was the first person to time stamp the acquisition. Turning to the specific time forecast, Murtazin predicted that elop would resign and leave Nokia before the end of next year. Sadie

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