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Ruijie riil innovated for the National Foreign Affairs Office and built a four in one operation and maintenance support platform

since the proposal of Internet + government service, the construction of an integrated government service platform coordinated by governments at all levels has gradually entered the fast lane. Under the background of rapid development in China, the national e-government external management center has encountered new challenges in IT service management. To this end, the national e-government external management center, together with ruijieluo, based on the results of phase I construction, is oriented towards the objectives of comprehensive resource management, key business and service quality and efficiency improvement. We can find that there are different structures in the stress testing machine. It is oriented to management decision visualization. The four in one building of the national e-government external full operation support platform has comprehensively improved the specialization of China's e-government external operation and maintenance management The level of standardization and intelligence

e-government is booming, and operation and maintenance is facing new challenges

according to the relevant national construction guidance requirements and in combination with the current operation and maintenance status of the national e-government management center, the functions and operation and maintenance mode outside the government have changed greatly in the current environment, which is reflected in four aspects:

in the context of complex business applications and cloud mode, it is necessary to improve the ability to detect network abnormalities in time and locate faults quickly, Improve user experience by more intelligent means

vertical key business support requires cross regional and cross level collaborative support capability, as well as the support capability of large business volume and high real-time across the country

after the e-government network is gradually completed, the focus of external construction will gradually shift from infrastructure construction and operation and maintenance to providing high-quality IT services for government departments, and the ability to measure and evaluate service quality and efficiency is required

management decisions outside e-government need to provide richer and more understandable analysis data based on O & M big data, and put forward higher requirements for the ability of O & M data analysis and visual display

relevant leaders of the national e-government external management center said: at present, we not only encounter bottlenecks in the traditional O & M technology, but also need to solve the problems of visual display and data analysis of O & M big data and intelligent application system from the management decision-making level, and at the same time, we should also solve the problems of improving internal management efficiency and external service quality. Based on the above requirements, we have formulated the phase II construction goal of building a centralized, flexible and intelligent IT operation management platform based on service, value and data

build a visual intelligent decision-making center, and comprehensively upgrade the IT service management system

in view of the problems and challenges faced, relying on the riil it comprehensive operation and maintenance solution, the national e-government external management center has successfully built a centralized, flexible, Intelligent IT operation management platform:

management decision oriented - building a visual intelligent decision center figure: planning diagram of the visual intelligent decision center of the State Foreign Affairs Office

the newly planned visual intelligent decision center is composed of three blocks and two levels of data. The first part is the operation of basic operation and maintenance data, which realizes the panoramic visualization of performance alarm and other data; The second module is the business module (core function) for key business data, which mainly includes the visual Kanban of key business applications, assets and other data, and can provide freely customizable multi-dimensional data analysis capabilities of the material using advanced "3 Meiji" structural dimension data; The third part focuses on the visualization of various statistical analysis data related to service but with a certain proportion of quality efficiency and operation services. After the implementation of the plan, it will provide a new demonstration for intelligent decision-making outside the national e-government

facing the national vertical network -- promoting hierarchical collaborative management

figure: effect map of hierarchical management pilot

the unified comprehensive supervision platform built by Ruijie network riil it comprehensive operation and maintenance solution has conducted a panoramic view pilot of interconnection and data sharing for backbone networks outside government affairs. Through the docking of national and provincial operation and maintenance systems in the pilot provinces, the feasibility of realizing hierarchical collaborative management has been preliminarily verified, which has laid a good foundation for the follow-up continuous promotion of hierarchical collaborative management

facing key businesses - realizing experience analysis and operation support for key businesses

at present, there are more than 30 national cross domain important businesses operating outside government affairs. These businesses generally have the characteristics of cross region, multi-level and large scale, have high requirements for operational reliability, and the number, types and data volume of businesses have been increasing significantly. In response to this development trend, Ruijie has provided a solution for in-depth business experience diagnosis and analysis. The solution itself consists of two parts, and gradually through the hierarchical deployment at the national and regional levels, it finally realizes the global perception and analysis capability of vertical business

service-oriented quality and efficiency -- Based on the dispersed 'characteristic business scenario, the main reinforcement phase of GH2132, the IT service management system is newly upgraded

a unified operation management platform is built by using the Ruijie RIL relax service-oriented quality and efficiency management, which has changed the way that the operation and maintenance system is only used within the operation and maintenance department. At present, it has gradually provided services to the entire external management center. At the same time, based on the external characteristic scenarios, it has realized more convenient multi location on duty patrol inspection, mobile operation and maintenance, fault handling, business approval, business opening, business change application and other supporting processes, which not only makes all records available at any time, but also comprehensively improves the user's service experience by regularly pushing service reports including service times, resource use and bandwidth usage to users

building a network to the satisfaction of the people

since 2002, the national e-government external management center has actively planned the preparation work outside the national government affairs. With the deepening of project construction, the increasing number of access users and the opening of network bearing services, the requirements for government outward transportation and maintenance service capacity are becoming higher and higher. As the leading unit of the national economic information system and the national e-government external system, the quality of the operation and maintenance service of the national e-government external management center will directly affect whether the expected benefits can be brought into play and whether sustainable development can be achieved

in view of the construction effect of operation and maintenance phase II, relevant leaders said: Based on the upgrading of riil products, the operation and maintenance capacity of the center has been comprehensively improved, and the goal has been basically achieved. At present, the national e-government external management center is gradually promoting the data connection between the national and provincial operation and maintenance systems, and is expected to comprehensively improve the hierarchical collaborative service capability outside e-government

in the future, relying on the three platforms of unified monitoring, hierarchical management and service process management, as well as the upper service portal, visual decision-making center and intelligent analysis center, a more refined, controllable and intelligent operation and maintenance management system will be formed outside the national e-government, so as to better provide satisfactory services for government departments at all levels

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