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Ruida Futures: long profit taking rubber price closed at the limit

on Wednesday, affected by the sharp decline in international crude oil prices and the sharp decline in Tokyo rubber prices, the Shanghai rubber futures price also fell sharply under the pressure of long profit taking, and all contract prices closed at the limit board. The market trading volume shrank significantly, and the position also decreased. The future trend can be used for steel strands, PC rods It is possible to adjust the market by testing the relaxation of tensile stress such as steel bars

according to the analysis of ru0604 contract price trend, the day's futures price rebounded weakly after falling sharply, and closed down under the pressure of selling. The strength of the buyer began to weaken. However, the Bulls involved on Tuesday faced the stop loss problem, which will increase the pressure on the future price trend to rise again. In addition, the technical indicators that are already in a serious overbought state also need to be further repaired. Therefore, it is expected that the price will fluctuate in a high and wide range in the later period. The rubber fundamentals will continue to support the price in a sensitive and tense state for the application of such converters, but the performance of crude oil prices will have a great impact on the short-term trend of rubber. The short-term trading strategy should not be used to sell short. Reference support: meta region; Short line pressure: Yuan area

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