The weather forecast says it's going to snow

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The weather forecast says it's going to snow! Yesterday morning, Wuhan meteorological observatory released major weather information. After watching Xiaobian, his whole body shook up: 6-7 strong wind + rain and snow freezing weather + -6 ℃ low temperature

the weather forecast says it's going to snow

yesterday morning,

Wuhan meteorological observatory released major weather information,

after reading Xiaobian, his whole body shook up:

6-7 strong wind + rain and snow freezing weather + -6 ℃ low temperature

important meteorological information

according to the analysis of the latest meteorological data, affected by the strong cold air in the north, the temperature in our city will be low in the next week, with two rain and snow processes. On the 27th, it rained in the south of our city, and the light rain turned to sleet in the north; From the night of the 29th to the 30th, there will be another obvious snowfall in our city. On the 27th and 28th, the gust wind force can reach 6-7. Affected by the later snow melting and the clear sky radiation at night, the minimum temperature in Wuhan is expected to fall to about -6 ℃, accompanied by obvious freezing weather

key points

on the 27th, there is sleet or snow today

from the night of the 29th to the 30th

there is an obvious snowfall

after that, the lowest temperature

drops to -6 ℃

-6- 6℃!- 6℃! This sour

↓ ↓

although the weather turns sunny, parents must not fantasize about heating by basking in the sun. Xiaobian can tell you very responsibly: in Wuhan at -6 ℃, the sun hanging in the sky is as useless as the light in the refrigerator

at this time, you can only close the windows and turn on the heating

but sometimes I feel chilly when I close the window. In fact, the doors and windows are not well sealed, and the wind is coming in through the cracks in the window. Although the cold wind can't disperse our enthusiasm for life, who doesn't want the warmth in winter

the thermal insulation of doors and windows will affect the indoor temperature. At this time, it is particularly important to have doors and windows with excellent thermal insulation performance at home. After entering the 21st century, "energy conservation" and "comfortable life", as the hot search for the development of the construction industry, have become important keywords for people to improve their requirements for residential buildings and daily life. How can we achieve "energy saving" and "comfortable life"? As an important part of architecture, the "thermal insulation performance" of doors and windows plays a key role

good sealing is one of the indicators to measure the quality of doors and windows, and hardware accessories are the products with the most frequent activities and the most vulnerable to wear in doors and windows. Without high-quality hardware accessories, the performance of doors and windows will be greatly reduced. If the quality of hardware fittings of a door and window is not good, its heat preservation and insulation cannot be guaranteed, and it cannot be called a good door and window

in addition, if there are deviations in the initial processing of doors and windows at home in the early stage, such as the size of the window sash is too small to fit closely with the window frame, it also lays a hidden danger for air leakage. The air leakage caused by the problem of sealing strip can be replaced by purchasing the corresponding sealing strip according to the specification and model of doors and windows. For air leakage caused by other reasons, it is necessary to contact professional technicians for maintenance

someone said, "hardware accessories are the heart of doors and windows, not supporting roles." Choosing good hardware fittings is the basic guarantee of good quality thermal insulation doors and windows. Hardware fittings are not only closely related to the air tightness, water tightness and wind pressure resistance of doors and windows, but also play a very important role in safety and other performance. Hardware fittings with poor materials are easy to age and crack, which can lead to inflexible opening or failure to open and close doors and windows

Shangzhe system doors and windows adopt high-quality hardware accessories to continuously improve the integrity of the system doors and windows, and constantly optimize, effectively ensuring the reasonable coordination of sealing materials, so that the sealant strip can maintain a good sealing performance under pressure at any time. The appearance and feel of hardware accessories are thick, the surface protective layer is dense, the color is uniform, shiny, and the service life is long. Its unique integrated appearance design is suitable for a variety of window types





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