Qianmuyuan achieved continuous success in November

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On November 29, President Bian and President Lu of Zhouzhi County in Xi'an, Shaanxi signed a contract to join in Chengdu Qianmuyuan wardrobe headquarters. Congratulations to Qianmuyuan family for adding new members

on November 29, the president of Zhouzhi County, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, and Mr. Lu signed a contract at Qianmuyuan wardrobe headquarters in Chengdu. Congratulations to Qianmuyuan family for adding new members! The two sides reached a consensus that they will cooperate wholeheartedly in the future to bring environmentally friendly, comfortable, green, safe, fashionable and personalized products to customers who love and support Qianmuyuan wardrobe


Xi'an, known as "Chang'an" in ancient times, is one of the world's four major ancient civilizations, ranking first among China's ancient capitals. It is the capital city with the longest history, the most dynasties and the greatest influence in Chinese history. Zhouzhi County, a county under the jurisdiction of Xi'an, is a famous county in the Guanzhong Plain; It is high in the southwest and low in the northeast, which is called "e in the world; The best place in the world " Louguantai is the largest water supply base and national ecological demonstration county in Xi'an


Bian Zong and LV Zong were originally in the wood door industry and have 10 years of experience in the building materials industry. There are high requirements for both brand operation and after-sales service. After examining many customized furniture companies in Sichuan, after a series of comparisons, we finally chose to join Qianmuyuan wardrobe

in the figure is president Bian, on the right is president Lu, and on the left is manager Wang of Qianmuyuan's investment promotion department


talking about the reasons why President Bian and President Lu chose Qianmuyuan's wardrobe, the two said that they had visited Qianmuyuan's Chengdu Fusen meizhiying store before visiting Qianmuyuan's wardrobe headquarters, had seen the sales system of Qianmuyuan's wardrobe intuitively, and came to the headquarters to investigate again, whether it was workmanship, quality, process, concept, After sales service and other aspects are quite recognized


Qianmuyuan wardrobe always adheres to the tenet that sales volume determines the future of the company, customer attitude determines service quality, product quality determines the future of the company, new product development determines the future of the company, cost control determines the fundamental of the company, and teamwork determines the executive power of the company

now Qianmuyuan customized wardrobe is establishing a dealer network channel nationwide. After the improvement of supporting facilities in the early stage, the improvement and implementation of technology, the establishment of after-sales service guarantee system, and the precipitation of many years engaged in the customization industry, Qianmuyuan brand is bringing a new wealth and business opportunities, a new industry concept, and a new cooperation mode to the vast number of dealer friends


Qianmuyuan headquarters address: Yongsheng supporting Park, Wenjiang Strait science and Technology Park, Chengdu

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