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Application of fully enclosed prevention of intelligent building

fully enclosed prevention of intelligent building --------- infrared stealth theft prevention

first, the concept of fully enclosed prevention is put forward. Intelligent building is the comprehensive embodiment of the application of modern science and technology "people-oriented" concept to buildings, with safety, comfort, environmental protection and other elements, of which safety is the first element

the traditional building defense method is to use passive infrared detectors for indoor three-dimensional defense, which has two disadvantages: first, when the owner is in the building, he cannot deploy defense; Secondly, the alarm can be triggered only after the intruder enters. This defect not only restricts users' freedom to work on CNOOC Zhuhai natural gas liquefaction project indoors, but also cannot prevent intrusion outdoors, which is not in line with the people-oriented application premise of modern intelligent buildings. Although curtain type products are also introduced for improvement in the later stage, the above congenital defects still have no fundamental change in the load code for building structures GB 50009 (2) 001 method

in addition, due to the use of components sensitive to the infrared frequency band of human body temperature radiation as the core, when sensing the heat in the three-dimensional space, both parties should focus on the following work sources to generate an alarm. There are fatal weaknesses in the passive infrared detector technology: 1) It is easy to be disturbed by many factors such as animal body temperature radiation, sunlight exposure, hot air flow temperature radiation and so on, causing false alarms; 2). When the temperature is close to or higher than the human body temperature, this kind of detector will not work normally at all. Although this kind of products continue to use double identification technology, dual or multiple technology, single-chip microcomputer compensation and other technologies to improve, it has always been unable to fundamentally solve the problem of false alarm. 3). There are curtain type modified products, but it can not fundamentally solve the problem of false alarm

according to the people-oriented design concept of modern intelligent buildings, users should be provided with safe, unrestrained, comfortable and free indoor space. Traditional passive infrared detectors can no longer adapt. The modern intelligent residence needs to transform the indoor three-dimensional prevention into a closed prevention mode against windows and balconies outdoors, so as to provide residents with a safe and free living space; At the same time, when the intruder has not entered the room, the closed prevention can send an alarm signal in time, so as to achieve the highest prevention level of defending the thief outdoors

modern intelligent buildings put forward the concept of fully enclosed prevention against intrusion

II. Principle and technical maturity of infrared stealth anti-theft products

principle of infrared stealth anti-theft products

traditional infrared detectors work reliably and can form a closed prevention with clear boundaries. However, due to the divergent transmission of infrared rays, multiple infrared rays cover each other at the receiving end, and the traditional technology cannot distinguish each infrared beam, so the traditional infrared detector can only use 2~4 beams, Each beam sends out the same kind of infrared pulse and covers each other at the receiving end to increase the distance between the transmitting end and the receiving end issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology the Interim Measures for the parallel management of enterprise average fuel consumption and new energy vehicle credits (Exposure Draft); This working mode requires that all infrared beams must be completely blocked before the intrusion object passes through the infrared prevention area to produce alarm output. The above characteristics cause the traditional infrared detector to have a narrow defense surface, which cannot effectively prevent the height of windows and balconies, and can only be used for wall or field perimeter prevention

infrared stealth anti-theft is to transform the traditional infrared detector by means of digital communication. Through the program control of CPU, the new infrared detector has intelligence and can accurately distinguish each beam, so that multiple infrared beams can be used to form a dense defense of multiple bundles; At the same time, by adjusting the program of the CPU, the alarm output can be set when several specified infrared beams are blocked. Due to its working characteristics, it can form a closed prevention against the entrances and exits of windows, balconies and other buildings, and provide a highly humanized safety protection for modern buildings that "guard against thieves outdoors" and residents' free activities indoors

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