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Summer ice cream sales peak season 70% of the respondents do not look at the label

hot summer is the peak season for ice cream sales. According to the recent spot check conducted by the Department of industry and Commerce on the ice cream market, at present, the nonstandard marking of the outer packaging of ice cream and ice cream is relatively common. Some product packages are marked with the shelf life but not the production date, some lack the health license number, and others simply mark the production date as "see the packaging box". Faced with a wide variety of ice cream products, how do consumers choose? An investigation was conducted in this regard

main body: adults and children love to eat

previously, ice cream was the most popular food for children in people's impression. But now, with the improvement of living standards and the quality of ice cream, the main body of ice cream consumption has changed greatly. In the survey, 57% of the respondents were over 30 years old, and more than half of them said they "like and often buy ice cream products."

habits: do not store a large amount of ice cream at home

nearly 60% of the respondents said they would not store a large amount of ice cream products at home, which shows that at present, for ice cream and other cold drink products, improvisation consumption is still the mainstream of the market. In addition, children aged 5-15 are impulsive when consuming and have a strong desire to buy novel products; Young people aged 16-30 belong to a more rational consumer group, and have certain requirements and choices for brand and quality

channel: fall in love with supermarkets and hypermarkets to buy

the survey shows that 57% of the respondents like to buy ice cream in supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores, while 19% and 24% buy ice cream in consumer places such as cafes and roadside stores respectively. Brand: nearly 70% identify with famous brands. The survey shows that although consumers' impulsive purchase of fast-moving consumer goods such as ice cream accounts for a large proportion of the host purchase behavior of high-frequency fatigue testing machine, brand is still the main factor to be considered. Nearly 70% of the respondents said that when buying ice cream products, the first factor to pay attention to is the brand. 67.9% of the respondents believed that products of famous brands such as Nestle, heluxue, Mengniu and Yili made them feel more at ease

price: popular below 5 yuan

the survey shows that the most acceptable ice cream in the current market is 1-5 yuan ice cream. 39% of the respondents often buy ice cream of 1-3 yuan, and 33.9% often buy ice cream of 3-5 yuan. Although some ice cream with unique taste and novel packaging are expensive, they also attract many consumers. 17.1% of the respondents said that they often buy ice cream with more than 5 yuan

label: nearly 70% don't look at the label

in addition to brand and price factors, 20.8% of the respondents said that when buying ice cream, they will check whether the package is complete and damaged; Another 11.3% of the respondents said they would take a look at whether the shape of the product has changed

according to the relevant national standards, the package of cold drinks should be marked with the name of the factory, address, production date, shelf life, storage conditions, eating methods, etc. However, from the previous inspections of the ice cream market by the industrial and commercial and quality inspection departments, there are many problems of non-standard labels. In the survey, nearly 70% of the respondents said that they would not pay attention to the label content when buying ice cream products. Since the existing national regulations have only a lower limit on the shelf life of ice cream and other cold drinks, but no upper limit, for some products with a shelf life of up to 18 months, respondents said they did not know how to distinguish the true from the false

at the same time, due to the popularity of household refrigeration equipment for urban residents in recent years and the preferential price of bulk purchase of goods, ice cream packaging has a trend towards large-scale and combination. Now, consumers can buy boxed or even barreled ice cream in supermarkets and hypermarkets, which is convenient for families to eat. However, for these ice cream products packaged in combination, nearly 80% of the respondents said that they could not ★ conduct digital zeroing and calibration when purchasing, and would pay attention to whether the contents of their internal and external labels were consistent

reminder: the appearance of inferior products is deformed

relevant experts pointed out that high-quality ice cream has uniform color, complete shape, delicate and smooth, soft and sweet and palatable; Without lactose and ice crystals, impurities cannot be seen with the naked eye; The inferior ice cream is gray and abnormal in color, deformed and limp in appearance, weak in freezing, with serious ice crystals and more fat and protein accumulation blocks, and abnormal aroma or smell. Experts also remind consumers to pay attention to the appearance of the new TPE products when purchasing ice cream and ice cream, because if the packaging is damaged, it may cause secondary pollution of bacteria and so on; The products with changed appearance may be caused by melting and freezing again due to high temperature during transportation or storage, which is very easy to cause microorganisms to exceed the standard

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