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The use of gold, silver, black, white and grey in packaging design

in modern society, people have to deal with commodities almost every moment. The pursuit of fashion and leisure consumption has become a culture, which includes all aspects of human life, including clothing, food, use, transportation, play and appreciation, reflecting people's increasingly strong pursuit of high-quality life. When we enter shopping malls and supermarkets, all kinds of dazzling commodities are displayed in front of us with beautiful shapes and bright colors. Against the colorful colors, we seem to compete for dialogue and communication with us. When we have no time to examine and carefully enjoy those commodities with unique shapes and beautiful colors, we are more likely to be attracted by those packages with strong colors. This is the role of color, because color has a strong visual sense and expressiveness in modern commodity packaging

through long-term life experience, people have consciously or unconsciously formed the ability to judge and feel objects according to color. Different colors give people different visual and psychological feelings. It will not only enhance consumers' aesthetic pleasure, but also stimulate consumers' judgment and purchase confidence, enrich their imagination, but also cultivate customers' minds, and truly let us feel the value and power of packaging design colors

as we all know, people's line of sight by virtue of the role of light, observe the beginning and color of the object, and recognize the objective existence. If there is no light, people's visual activities will disappear, of course, there is no color. Different objects have different absorption and reflection of light, so different colors are produced. Among all objects, black objects can absorb seven kinds of color light, while white objects can reflect all seven kinds of color light and prepare for the test. It is for this reason that black and white lose their color appearance compared with other colors, forming their own unique achromatic attribute

this article talks about color from the perspective of packaging design, not about the so-called physical knowledge of optics, electromagnetic waves and wavelengths, but from the theoretical basis of design colorology, focusing on the hue, lightness, purity and color psychology of color. In the ocean of commodities, packaging design is constantly changing methods, innovating forms and shaping personality characteristics, especially focusing on the attributes of color and the use of color. The attribute of color is not unchanging, and the changes between various elements provide rich space for the contrast and harmony of design colors

among many commodity packaging designs, it is the quickest, eye-catching and pleasing to the eye to attract consumers' attention. The rich colors convey different tastes and show different quality styles and decorative charm. The pursuit of design language is purely the pursuit of designers. With a more rational and unique perspective, they are trying to get rid of the noisy, complicated and colorful methods in the popularity of design. Actively seek the rationality and simplicity of color design. For example, Japanese designer Fujita? The "Japanese gin" designed by long makes full use of the achromatic attribute. Through the design arrangement of golden characters on the transparent container, under the action of light and shadow, it reflects the excellence of the design. The high concentration and generalization of the design language has pushed the design to the extreme, like a bright pearl among many commodities, which shines brilliantly. The choice and combination of colors is very important in packaging design, which is often the key to determine the quality of packaging design. Pursuing the harmony, refinement and simplicity of packaging colors,

in essence, is to avoid the burden of using too many colors on packaging. Colorful and prosperous may not be popular, but may give people a flashy impression and make people feel dazzled. Proper use of simple color language can better reflect the designer's ability to control color and maximize the potential of color. Under the influence of minimalism, get rid of the shackles of the inherent attributes of traditional colors, combine modern packaging design theory with the attribute requirements of commodities, adopt an important institutional arrangement to improve the scientific and democratic level of decision-making, and design the packaging with gold, silver, black, white and gray in colorless, which shows the eternal beauty of commodities. The special nature of achromatic series provides a stage for the packaging design of many commodities to show their charm. Like Janice? The packaging designed by Abby for "South African vodka" has nothing to count in terms of the container shape itself. The designer boldly chose to strengthen the resistance of the components to the rugged environmental resistance; The modeling version of Onyx components can be designed using the color language based on the colorful color system. The background of the bottle sticker is black, and the surface graphics are decorated in a large area. The pattern reveals a strong metallic texture against the silver background. The white shield label placed in the center of the graphics, against the background of other colorless, more intensively strengthens the information characteristics of the commodity, and the whole commodity appears solemn, elegant and superior in quality

the use of metallic colors in the design helps to enhance the effect of light and shadow, and can enrich the changes of space and hierarchy. Because gold and silver has strong reflective ability and sharp characteristics, it shows different color effects under different angles and different light and shadow effects. Proper use will increase the brilliance, advanced and mystery of commodities. Its sharp light and shadow changes can reflect the gorgeous, precious and active impression of commodity packaging. Pure refining and application of colorless will help to strengthen the characteristics of commodities, improve the quality and grade of commodities, and enhance the sense of the times and personality charm of commodities

the color system has its own distinct appearance attributes, while the gold, silver, black, white and gray in the color system also have certain color meanings. In fact, achromatic color has already formed its own complete color nature in people's psychology, and has been accepted by people all the time. It is called forever popular color. When looking at black, white and gray alone, black symbolizes silence and silence, which means evil and ominous, and is considered a negative color. The inherent emotion of white is neither calm nor stimulating. It is generally regarded as a symbol of quietness, purity and purity. When black and white are mixed, gray will appear. Gray belongs to neutrality and lacks independent color characteristics. Therefore, gray is monotonous and flat, unlike black and white, which emphasizes light and shade. However, if gray contains color tendency. It will give people a subtle, soft, advanced and exquisite feeling, which is thought-provoking

of course, in many packaging designs with achromatic as the main body, some colors with high purity are often interspersed. On the one hand, their presentation forms a certain contrast effect with achromatic, on the other hand, it is to foil the main color. The interaction between five colors and colors is undoubtedly a very important means to enrich the color effect of commodity packaging

packaging design lies in continuous attempt and exploration. In pursuit of the beautiful feelings of human life, color is of great value. Its influence on our expression of thoughts, interests and hobbies is the most direct and important. Grasping color, feeling design, creating beautiful packaging and enriching our life are what we need in this era. The packaging without color design is like a trace of tranquility in the noise of the world. Its elegance, simplicity and calmness make people aftertaste another refreshing and elegant fragrance after enjoying sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty. Their indisputable attribute characteristics will exude eternal charm in the packaging design

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