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A preliminary study on the application of curves in product design (II)

■ III today, excellent designers continue to show their ability to transform the latest technology into a new lifestyle, while great designers have a spirit of being highly aware and daring to challenge contemporary culture. We should put forward a new design with a futuristic attitude, so that the idea can surpass the reality as much as possible, strengthen the integrity of the concept, and then gradually approach the manufacturing technology to finally achieve the reality of marketing. Now computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD) and cam are widely involved in the work of designers, making the curved surface formed by the complex and difficult curve become a reality. This is the gospel brought by the progress of electronic technology to people, and it is also a broad world for designers to give full play to their talents

curve design is driven by the expansion of perceptual demand and based on the rapid development of electronic technology. In the past era of mass production and mass consumption, people took possession and prosperity of things as their ideal. At that time, the difference between the price of goods and the purchasing power of people was very small, which was a "homogenization" phenomenon. The lack of differences in goods, environment and life has weakened people's self-existence consciousness. The paradox is that people's desire to pursue self-existence and personal differences continues to grow. This desire is often manifested through the pursuit of product differences. Personal consumption products have proliferated, and there is a saying of "personalized design" in the field of household appliances. People regard personalized products as a symbol of social status, cultural accomplishment, aesthetic consciousness and personal interest. The perceptual needs of vision and psychology have increased greatly. People have been living in high-tech and high load for a long time, which has bred a rebellious psychology of returning to nature and pursuing ease. They hope that the products and environment around them are harmonious and harmonious with themselves, full of a sense of intimacy and tenderness, and even regard the products as "lovely partners" in their lives since 2016. These aspirations directly affect the realistic design concept. Curve design fits this taste visually, tactile and psychologically. The sense of movement and vitality of curves means that with the hands of designers, it will no longer be simply adding streamlined shells to mechanical products, but more importantly injecting human feelings into the outer and shape design of products. It integrates the comfort and comfort of touching, touching, grasping, grasping and other actions generated by the contact between people and the product interface, so that consumers can enjoy the happiness brought by curve design

a series of transformations from "mass consumption" to "class consumption", from mass production to a small number of multi variety production, from unified standardization to differentiated personalization, from use value to symbolic value, and so on, are the prerequisites for the popularity of curve design in products

if the straight-line modeling features embody the beauty of straightness, accuracy and straightness, which is the choice when the technology develops to a higher degree, then the curve and surface modeling features embody the beauty of softness, kindness and elegance of products, which reflects the more harmonious and unified relationship between products, people and the environment

Another important background that curve design can form a fashion trend is the change of mechanical technology to 2. The main motor source of experimental machine has electrical and electronic technology. The previous mechanical technology pursued the standardization of products and the uniformity of production methods, making mass production possible. Nowadays, electronic technology can produce a small number of varieties, enabling personalized products, that is, design first products, to be realized. The use of large-scale integrated circuits makes the mechanism more and more precise, and can accommodate more and more complex functions in a smaller space. Products are developing towards miniaturization and miniaturization. The intellectualization of production technology, coupled with the rapid development of material technology, makes the constraint of technology on form smaller and smaller. The rich curve changing form becomes handy under computer-aided manufacturing, and the form has greater independence. It is not only the result of product development process, but also the starting point of product development

■ the application and resurgence of four curves in product design is the necessity of historical development. As early as the 1930s, the United States developed into a streamlined trend from the shape of transportation. Raymond? Raymond loeny's series of designs are the concrete practice of this fashionable style. However, there are still great differences between streamlined design trend and modern curve design, mainly in three aspects: 1, causes; 2. Technology; 3. Performance

the reason for streamline is the extension of the successful application of aerodynamics in aircraft design and the new style "packaging" made to get rid of the American economic depression, which obviously has the tendency of formalism; Its technology is based on the mechanical industry, and its internal structure is simple and needs to be modified; Its performance is to pursue a sense of speed

modern curve design starts from the humanization of consumers' emotional needs under the digital survival, which emphasizes more on the concepts of individuality, diversity, interest, decoration and so on; Its technology is based on high technology, a large number of digital products go deep into different levels of life, and the improvement of production and processing means provides technical support for thinking and doing it; The free expression of curve shape is realized; Its performance is the pluralism under the main body of the "postmodernism" trend of thought, design thinking and methods: abstraction and embodiment, idea and intuition Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is well-known in the market, reproduction and performance, modernity and tradition, language and meaning... These things that were once regarded as opposites are moving towards unity, and all the glittering points in art are in line with the value orientation of modern people

the digital age has brought great material power to people, showing the incomparable of mankind, which has changed our traditional living state. People in the fierce competition long for emotional comfort from spirit and soul, and pursue a "balance" - the performance of high-tech and refers to the resistance and deformation of materials; High emotional balance. After seeing too many "cold" products with sharp edges and mechanical sense, the affinity of a drop of water also makes people miss the human touch brought by the curve. Curve design is emotional enjoyment from the spirit. People show their love for curves in terms of emotional needs, which affects the design positioning and style of products, and also enriches the extension of products themselves

as a designer, it is very necessary to master the means and methods of curve design. L. corrani has become a successful model for us. Whether using traditional methods or computer-aided design, the visual morphological characteristics and morphological design methods of curves and surfaces will be an important topic for in-depth research. For the design of each product, we need to have a serious attitude and rigorous work style to seriously deal with problems such as the relationship between curves, the relationship between surfaces and so on, so that the whole process of product design and manufacturing can be in a completely workable good state, so as to better grasp the progress of the whole project and correctly and smoothly go through each design step

curve, a form element with vitality and charisma, as a humanized visual "language", injects intelligence into product design, making modern design culture so gorgeous and brilliant. As for product design, some scholars believe that there is no good or bad design, only suitable design and appropriate design. From this point of view, in the digital era, the application of curve in product design is the most suitable to express the organic unity of function and form, and at the same time, it most appropriately balances high technology and high emotion, and better realizes the highest goal of humanized design

source: Wang Shaojun, Shandong Academy of Arts and crafts

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