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Application of digital watermarking in copyright protection of printed images

1 The concept of digital watermarking

digital watermarking belongs to a branch of hiding technology, and it is also an effective supplementary method to solve the copyright protection and identification of digital media. Its basic principle is to embed a special invisible mark into the digital data content by using the method of digital embedding. The embedded mark is usually invisible or imperceptible, but it can be detected or extracted through some calculation operations. Watermark and source data (such as image, audio, video data) are closely combined and hidden, become an inseparable part of the source data, and can survive through some operations that do not destroy the use value or commercial value of the source data

2. Requirements of modern society for the characteristics of digital watermarking

in real life, watermarking technology is widely used in printed matter. In short, it is to embed signs in paper fibers (such as transmission: with lead screw transmission and rack transmission, paper tension range of 100N is enough for coins and some commercial documents) for identification, anti-counterfeiting, etc. Digital watermarking just borrows the traditional concept of watermarking and popularizes it in digital media. It is generally believed that digital watermarking is embedded in data, which has the characteristics of anti detection, anti forgery and anti erasure, and does not affect the legal use of data

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