Application of G200 GPRS module in coal mine safet

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Application of G200 GPRS module in coal mine safety monitoring system

in China's coal industry, gas accident is the main disaster of current coal mine production. Most coal mining enterprises have or are in the process of building safety production monitoring and control systems such as gas, but due to the limitations of the existing system, the safety production supervision and management department can not timely grasp the gas situation in the mine, and the leaders and main safety personnel of the enterprise can not immediately obtain the warning information of increasing the technical transformation of converter equipment and exceeding the limit

what is monitored by the coal mine safety monitoring system? It is whether the gas depth hundreds or even thousands of miles underground exceeds the standard, and whether there are hidden dangers such as open fire and spontaneous combustion. However, it is difficult to let the people in the mine monitoring room know these indicators, and even the superior group company know them like the palm of their hand. The transmission problem bears the brunt. Even if the information transmission radius is shortened by only one meter, it will cause irreparable disaster. For example, the data monitored by the gas concentration monitoring head is transmitted from the underground to the well, and then from the well to the monitoring station for monitoring and analysis, and finally the processing opinions are transmitted back to the underground. Because the coal mine is a field operation with many points, dispersion and long distance, there has been no good solution for the information exchange between the construction site and the company for a long time, and there is no connection in many places, let alone optical fiber access. How to solve the zero point "Xiao zero" of the altitude display meter

II. Advantages of GPRS scheme

the wireless GPRS alarm system for coal mine gas monitoring makes full use of the current advanced communication network and information technology, and is closely combined with the monitoring and monitoring system to collect data in real time, identify in all directions, process all-weather, and transmit the monitoring information to the monitoring room 7 Please read the instructions carefully to provide auxiliary means for effectively preventing coal mine gas accidents, so as to achieve the purpose of mass prevention and treatment. The wireless alarm system for coal mine gas monitoring realizes the data acquisition functions of different monitoring systems through the standard data acquisition switch; Through GPRS network of mobile communication, the remote wireless transmission of monitoring data based on tcp/ip protocol is realized

because there is no signal for hundreds of miles underground, it is necessary to exchange underground information and above well information through optical cables. At the same time, digital signals are used to replace the previous analog signals to enhance the accuracy of information and avoid interference. When the monitoring device detects that the gas concentration and wind speed exceed the limit value or the main fan is opened, stopped or the operating load changes greatly, the GPRS data communication module transmits the underground information to the monitoring station. From the monitoring station, the relevant leaders of the group company and all mines can timely grasp the gas overrun, and timely command and coordinate the work of safety production

the network platform based on wireless transmission provides a low-cost, effective and efficient data transmission platform for enterprises that do not have wired transmission conditions, especially coal enterprises with a large geographical span, and provides a powerful monitoring means for the safety production of coal enterprises

III. solution introduction

(I) system structure

1. Coal mine information collection point: adopt the G20 GPRS transparent wireless data transmission terminal of Beijing Jiemai communication equipment Co., Ltd., connect with the coal mine equipment collection point through rs232/rs485/ttl, and access the special GPRS network provided by the mobile company for the coal mine central station. The network has no restrictions on the access location, time, and number of coal mine information collection points, which can be increased or decreased at any time. It can meet the needs of mountainous areas, remote areas and cross regional access

2. Coal mine central station: the central station adopts the g200gprs module of Beijing Jiemai communication equipment Co., Ltd. to form a master-slave network, and uses the GPRS function on the SIM card of China mobile network company for transmission. Sub stations can connect 0-63356 stations; Neither fixed IP address nor ADSL, dial-up and other devices connected to the Internet are required, which makes the implementation of this system simple and relatively low cost

(II) product characteristics

G200 module is used in the coal mine information collection and transmission system. Based on the GPRS network of China Mobile, the product provides RS232, RS485 and TTL interfaces, and uses GPRS data services to realize wireless connection. The product supports various industrial applications, such as real-time authentication of credit cards, remote control and maintenance of POS machines, remote service point access, etc

1. Support 900/1900MHz dual band GPRS

2. Interface: RS232, RS485, TTL

3. The theoretical transmission rate of the system is 171kbps, and the actual transmission rate is 40kbps

4. Support windows/98/2000/xp operating system

5. Transparent data transmission: tcp/ip protocol is embedded in G200 to provide a transparent transmission channel for users' data equipment

6. The heartbeat report interval can be set by the user

7. Flexible installation, convenient and reliable use

(III) system function

1. The functions of the system have application scope: monitoring environmental parameters such as gas, wind speed, negative pressure, temperature, carbon monoxide, feed and damper switch, as well as monitoring production parameters such as coal level in coal bunker, water level in water bunker and start and stop of main electromechanical equipment; Monitor voltage, current, power and other power parameters; Operation protection parameters of electromechanical equipment

2. More process flow simulation diagrams, monitoring curves, tables and words are displayed on a larger area, ① system generation and operation; ② Generation and operation of measuring points; ③ Process flow simulation graphic display; ④ Data table display of each measuring point; ⑤ Real time table, column diagram and change curve display of various analog parameters on and under the well; ⑥ Real time value and on/off time display of on/off and other switching values of main equipment in the well and underground; ⑦ Real time value and cumulative value display of raw coal output and other cumulative measurements; ⑧ In addition to the table display, various alarms also have audio signals; ⑨ Clock and date display; ⑩ Track and display the operating instructions of relevant equipment and software of the system

3. The system has the function of list display. The simulation diagram and related display contents include location, name, unit, alarm threshold, power-off threshold, monitoring value, maximum value, average value, minimum value, power-off command, feeding state, over limit alarm, power-off logic inconsistent alarm, sensor failure, blocking and unlocking, etc. The switching value display includes location, name, start/stop time, status, working time, start/stop times, sensor status, locking and unlocking, etc. The display content of cumulative quantity includes location, name, unit

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