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Application of data analysis technology in cartons

data analysis is an important part of ISO9001:2000 quality management system. In the operation process of production process and quality control, through a series of data analysis, we can accurately determine the problems of production process and quality, and then take some necessary process improvement measures to improve product quality. This is the inevitable result of the implementation of ISO9001:2000 quality management system and the basic requirements of modern enterprise management

the author has a deep understanding of the above situation in daily enterprise quality. This paper analyzes and discusses with examples how to use data analysis technology to innovate and improve the production process, so as to improve the quality of corrugated boxes, for peer reference

analyze and find out the problems according to the quality problems fed back by customers, and formulate quality control measures

such quality problems have occurred: customers found that the beer cartons produced by us are often prone to warpage and deformation in the mildew and rain season, and the compressive strength of the cartons is significantly reduced, so they complained to us about this quality problem. Through in-depth on-site observation and extraction of real objects, we will carry out detection, analysis and research to find out the causes and problems. First of all, we checked the inspection data of base paper entering the warehouse in the laboratory, and the results showed that the technical indicators of corrugated paper and carton board entering the warehouse were higher than the standard value, especially the transverse ring pressure index, which has a certain relationship with the strength of cartons, was no problem. So, what's the problem? Through the inspection and comparative analysis of cartons, we found the following problems: cartons with water dripping on the surface of the paper layer in the carton, and the water droplets will soon seep into the carton. When the carton is touched, it feels a little soft, and its compressive strength is also low after testing; On the contrary, for cartons where water droplets are not easy to seep, the touch and feel of the cartons are also hard, and the compressive strength value is also high. In addition, the moisture content of cartons that are easy to absorb moisture is also relatively high. The analysis of the test data shows that the poor sizing degree of the base paper can make the carton easy to absorb moisture, increase the moisture content and soften, and the carton is also prone to deformation, reducing its compressive strength. According to our testing and analysis, we have formulated the corresponding raw material quality control standards, and adopted a simple dripping method to detect the water absorption and sizing degree of the base paper. The detection standard is 60s, that is, after the water is dripping on the paper, there should be no bleeding phenomenon within the standard time. On the other hand, we also control the horizontal stiffness, printing surface roughness, water absorption and other technical indicators of the pre printed white board, and emphasize the control requirements of these technical indicators when signing the purchase contract. At the same time, high brightness glazing oil is used to polish, so that the carton is not easy to absorb moisture. Through data analysis, we have taken corresponding process control measures to better control the quality of base paper and significantly improve the strength and quality of cartons

formulate scientific and reasonable inspection methods through inspection, comparison and analysis to ensure the warehousing quality of raw materials

raw materials are the source link of product quality, so it is very important to do a good job in inspection control. For this reason, our factory has purchased isd-3 electronic compression strength tester, YQ ZB 8 paper and paperboard folding tester, zus-20 thickness gauge and other testing instruments, which can detect adhesive strength, edge compression strength, ring compression strength, folding resistance, tightness and other technical indicators. However, having testing instruments does not mean that the product quality will be accurately controlled. Only by improving the accuracy of testing can we better achieve the purpose of quality control. So how can we improve the detection accuracy of the electronic wood-based panel universal testing machine produced by Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. with wdw-0 to 5000kN electronic wood-based panel testing machine? According to the requirements of relevant national standards, when testing, the sample must undergo constant temperature and humidity treatment for a certain period of time under specific environmental conditions, so that the performance of base paper can reach that of non-metallic materials and composite metal materials, which will be widely used and relatively stable. Only when testing under constant temperature and humidity conditions can relatively accurate testing results be obtained. In fact, it is difficult to do this for the warehousing inspection of raw materials. Often, the method of sampling and inspection can only be used for the base paper. There will be some errors between such test results and the test results under constant temperature and humidity in terms of edge pressure strength and ring pressure strength. Generally, the value of self inspection will be a little lower than the value of standard inspection. In view of this phenomenon, we have developed a scientific and reasonable detection method through detection and comparative analysis. The main method is: divide the same paper sample into two parts, and arrange the inspection under two conditions respectively. One is that the factory's Laboratory conducts self inspection under natural conditions, and the other is to send the paper sample to the laboratory of professional institutions, and then test the paper sample after constant temperature and humidity treatment under standard conditions, and then, The difference between the two detection results is obtained by analyzing and comparing the data, which is called the detection coefficient. For example, taking the horizontal ring pressure index of a certain kind of paper as an example, the test result of the professional laboratory is 6.84nm/g, and the result of sampling and inspection adopted by our factory is 5.7nm/g, with the test coefficient of 1.2. The calculation formula is: the test value of the professional laboratory is the value of our factory's self inspection. After many such comparative detection experiments, the average value of the detection coefficient is obtained as our standard detection coefficient. In this way, the ring pressure index value detected by our laboratory under conventional conditions multiplied by the standard detection coefficient is our more accurate inspection result. The standard detection coefficient developed through the above comparative detection experiments and data analysis makes our detection have certain accuracy and impartiality, and the inspection results have also been recognized by the suppliers, which plays a better role in controlling the quality of base paper

determine the production process of single-sided machine through the analysis of test data and improve the quality of single-sided corrugated paperboard

the strength of corrugated paperboard is an important factor to determine the quality of cartons. The corrugated height of corrugated paperboard, the number of corrugated within 30cm length unit and the waveform characteristics of corrugated paperboard are important conditions that affect the strength of corrugated paperboard. Due to the structural characteristics of corrugated board, the corrugated paper rate of length unit is determined. The competition in the carton industry is to produce cartons with quality standards on the basis of the most economical use of materials. So, how can we do the power supply of computers and printers? We have improved the production process by starting with the corrugated roller that determines the amount of paper to be used. Based on the fact that we have two single-sided corrugating units, one of which (1 # unit) has serious corrugating teeth and needs to replace the new roller, when making the new corrugating roller, we directly customize the corrugating roller as: 48 teeth/30cm (number of corrugating teeth per unit length); The height of corrugating teeth of the corrugated roll is 2.9mm (that is, the distance from concave to convex), which is 4 more teeth than the original number of corrugating teeth, and the height of corrugating teeth is slightly reduced, but the accuracy is still high and controlled within the standard range. Our other unit (2 × machine) is: 44 teeth/30cm; The height of the corrugated roll ridge teeth is 3.12mm. In this way, under the condition that the production process, environment and paper quality of the two single-sided corrugating units of the same model are the same, we have carried out many production tests, inspections and comparative analysis, and obtained the following production process conclusions: Although the corrugating teeth of the 1# machine are four more than those of the 2# machine, the height of the corrugating teeth is 0.22mm lower than that of the 2# machine, so that the 2m corrugating paper of the machine can form 1.405m corrugated board. However, the 2m corrugated paper produced by the 2 # machine can only form 1.385m corrugated board, and the edge compression strength, bonding strength and plane compressive strength of the corrugated board produced by the machine are lower than those of the 1 # machine. It can be seen that the 1 # machine not only uses less paper than the 2 # machine, but also produces high-quality corrugated cardboard. Therefore, we plan to replace the corrugated roller of the 2 # machine with the same specification as the 1 # machine at an appropriate time, so as to improve the product quality of single-sided corrugated cardboard

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