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Basic experience of printing product quality management

printing product quality management not only has scientific and standardized fixed standards, but also is a development process that keeps pace with the times and changes with the times. Experts, scholars and people in India have made unremitting exploration for a long time and never-ending. Let's talk about some specific experience in order to communicate and find any problems with any accessories of the experimental machine

first, advanced equipment is a prerequisite to ensure product quality.

advanced equipment can ensure high-quality products. This is a well-known truth. As an enterprise, we must focus on the long-term development, focus on adapting to the current market, and attach great importance to the updating of printing equipment. To achieve "computerized typesetting, offset printing and binding linkage." Special attention should be paid to raising funds through multiple channels, and a number of equipment that can lead in the region, even at home and abroad should be upgraded in a planned and focused manner. At ordinary times, it ensures to meet the requirements of customers for the printing of books and periodicals of different grades, and can print high-grade high-quality books at critical moments, creating a famous brand of the enterprise. In recent years, the 523 plant has continuously invested more than 60million yuan to carry out technical transformation. It has not only eliminated lead and fire, realized light and electricity, but also has a large number of modern equipment. Among them, there are imported four-color and five color offset printing machines that meet high-grade color printing, eight color offset printing machines that can print large quantities of color textbooks, offset rotary printing machines that can print large quantities of black-and-white moving parts, and BB and 01 machines that can adapt to short and fast moving parts. In binding, it promotes the efficient use of direct coating process with design flexibility, production simplification and low-carbon environmental protection. There are both binding linkage lines and a hardcover workshop, which specializes in producing hardcover books. In 2000, the enterprise won the national quality bronze medal for the second time, setting a new record for the 50th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China in Northwest China, and became a leader among printing enterprises in Shaanxi Province

second, improving the quality of employees is the fundamental to ensure product quality.

it is the truth that only high-quality employees can produce high-quality products. The quality of employees in the 523 factory is uneven. There are not only a large number of college and technical secondary school students who have graduated from professional colleges, but also high school and junior high school students who recruit workers or take over the shift to replace the factory, as well as a number of transferred soldiers. Some people are diligent in learning and have high ideological, cultural and technical qualities; Some people are not enterprising and are relatively poor in all aspects. In view of this situation, enterprises carry out various forms of training at different levels. The first is to carry out the activity of leading apprentices by famous teachers on posts, so that teachers with relatively high quality can help and guide apprentices. Second, the melt fracture will occur during the blow molding process when holding staff promotion; If the viscosity is too low and various professional skills training courses are held, famous experts are invited to give lectures. Third, select excellent employees to go out for training. Fourth, implement the self-study examination reward system, and encourage employees to consciously participate in TVU, correspondence university and night University. Fifthly, the employment system shall be implemented for personnel in key posts to encourage employees to strengthen on-the-job learning. Sixth, recruit talents for the society. After several years of efforts, it has not only cultivated a large number of management talents for the enterprise, but also created a number of young and promising workers with excellent technology, high ideological and cultural quality for each production machine. It has formed a good situation in which the old, the middle-aged and the young are combined, and the structure of management, technology and production team is reasonable### In, the enterprise won the title of advanced unit of staff training in Shaanxi Province

III. strict control of materials is the basis for ensuring product quality

printing materials mainly include paper, ink and PS version. Strictly control procurement and compare quality and price. Strictly control the use and keep improving. Strictly control recycling to increase revenue and reduce expenditure. This is the basis for ensuring product quality. For offset paper, we should not only pay attention to the appropriate price, but also pay attention to the quality. First, pay attention to the small deformation of the paper in case of water, so as to ensure the accurate overprint in the printing process. Prevent the local deformation of the paper caused by the influence of air humidity, so that the paper has a ruffle edge or tight edge, and it will be crushed during printing. Try to make the water content of the paper close to the ambient temperature and humidity of the workshop to reduce deformation. Second, it must have high surface strength to resist the adsorption of viscous ink and blanket, so as not to cause serious hair and powder loss, otherwise it will seriously affect the printing quality and reduce the service life and production efficiency of the printing plate. Third, high smoothness is required to ensure that the points are complete, bright and clean, and the image is clear. Fourth, high whiteness is required to ensure bright colors. Fifthly, the absorption of ink should reach the specified index. After printing, a certain thickness of ink layer can be retained on the paper to maintain the color density and color luster of printing ink. For offset printing inks, attention should be paid not only to the manufacturer and brand, but also to its internal quality, such as water resistance, viscosity, drying performance, etc. after trial, the decision whether to use or not should be made. For the, - version, attention should be paid to the substrate and photosensitive coating. The substrate should have good hydrophilicity and strong adsorption capacity to the coating. The subbase must also have good dimensional stability, small thickness error and flat surface

IV. strict process operation is the key to ensure product quality.

the quality of printing products is really done. The process operation procedures must be strictly observed. Starting from the first process, plate making should be accurate, clear and reliable. In particular, the film shall be consistent with the original. Before printing, make-up and printing shall be strictly controlled, and equipment and auxiliary materials shall be inspected. During printing, pay attention to equipment pressure and ink balance. In general, if the pressure is too high, the printing point will be large and easy to get dirty. If the pressure is too low, the point will be lost and cannot be printed. If the water is large, the text will be faint and unclear. If the water is small, the paste version will be dirty. The key is to adjust the elastic balance of the cots. After printing, clean the ink, wipe the rubber, remove the printing plate, and repair the equipment. In binding, the process requirements of folding, page matching, binding, cutting and packaging shall be strictly followed. Only by strictly following the process flow and standardizing the operation, can we ensure the production of high-quality products. The words will be faint and unclear. If the water is small, the paste version will be dirty. The key is to adjust the elastic balance of the cots. After printing, clean the ink, wipe the rubber, remove the printing plate, and repair the equipment. In binding, 2 The problem of experiment schedule shall be carried out in strict accordance with the technological requirements of folding, page matching, binding, cutting and packaging. Only by strictly following the process flow and standardizing the operation, can we ensure the production of high-quality products

v. maintaining a good environment is a necessary condition to ensure product quality.

offset printing of books and periodicals has strict requirements on environmental elements. The temperature, humidity, brightness and cleanliness of the production site are directly related to the improvement of product quality. The workshop shall be subject to special treatment, closed production, air conditioning, and constant temperature and humidity throughout the year. The workshop window has good light transmittance and bright light, which is conducive to the operator to see the sample overprint, adjust the ink color and ensure the hue. The finished products shall be stacked in a fixed place, and the environment shall be kept clean and tidy. Ensure that the ground is free of oil stain, the equipment is of its own color, and the operation is meticulous, so as to ensure "good appearance and good book". "

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