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BASF official announcement: start layoff plan

BASF official announcement: start layoff plan

June 21, 2019

in order to ensure the company's sustainable profits, BASF's management formulated an austerity plan in November 2018, that is, from the end of 2021, the austerity policy should contribute 2billion euros to BASF's pre tax operating profit. The realization method is mainly to save production, logistics and R & D costs. In addition, BASF will sell some business coatings

BASF's largest customer group on June 19 was the automotive industry, accounting for about 20% of its sales. At the beginning of the year, BASF predicted that the automobile industry would rebound slightly. However, by the end of last year, Chinese customers' demand for the automotive industry had dropped significantly. So far, BASF expects that the company's sales will increase by 5% in 2019, and the adjusted operating profit (EBIT) is expected to increase by 1% to 10%. Moreover, the 1% growth rate seems closer to reality

the electricity price in Germany continues to rise, and it can be seen that it has created a "historical record" in the middle of 2019. This is called "warning signal" by many German experts. In order to fulfill its environmental protection commitment to the EU, Germany has continuously proposed to levy a "carbon dioxide tax". In 2019, the production cost of German enterprises increased significantly

today, major German media published the news that BASF announced large-scale layoffs. Martin Bruderm ü ller, CEO of BASF, said in an interview with German media Frankfurter Zeitung on June 16, local time in Germany: in order to ensure BASF's business growth rate, the layoff plan will be launched. After the sale of the group's pigments and construction chemicals is completed, BASF will focus more on its own advantageous sectors. In the future, the "acquisition of other businesses" and other matters will be carried out more cautiously

martin Bruderm ü ller, CEO of basf

it is known that BASF will lay off staff on a large scale in Muenster, Germany. Affected by the weakness of the automotive industry, the automotive and automotive touch up paint and coating businesses will cut 200 jobs from the local 2400 employees by 2021

after announcing the layoff plan, Martin brudermiller, CEO of BASF, has always focused on technological innovation and put forward policy suggestions to the German government. BASF hopes that the German authorities can provide enterprises with sufficient renewable energy and give clear carbon dioxide prices from a long-term perspective

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