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The Xiaobian of the first financing platform of the lending network teaches you how to use credit loans to deal with the special training fund gap

■ case data Ms. Liu, the monthly salary is about 4500 yuan, five insurances and one fund. At present, there is a dividend type insurance, with an annual payment of 10000 yuan, 10 years, and 3 years. The husband's monthly salary is about 15000 yuan, five insurances and one fund. At present, there is a universal insurance, which is 6000 yuan per year and has been paid for two years

the year before last, we began to make a fixed investment in the fund, with a monthly investment of 500 yuan. Now there are nearly 10000 yuan in the account. The house was delivered in July 2014, and the monthly loan repayment is 3100 yuan. At present, the loan can be repaid monthly through the provident fund, which can be covered. In addition, now rent a house, the rent is 3000 yuan/month. The baby is just 15 months old and has community medical insurance, 150 yuan per year. There is a current deposit of 10000 yuan. The monthly household consumption is 4000-5000 yuan

at present, the top priority is to save at least 150000 yuan for decoration. At the same time, we should insure our son, taking into account the accidents and accidental medical treatment in childhood, as well as lifelong serious diseases and accidents. In the case of surplus funds, increase an education fund insurance. In addition, both parents are in their fifties, in good health, and have rural medical insurance. They hope to gradually establish a reserve fund for emergencies

■ analysis of family status

the annual income of Ms. Liu's family is a total of 234000 yuan, and the annual expenditure of fixed investment, rent, family consumption, premium and so on is about 106000 yuan, so the annual balance of available funds is about 128000 yuan

from the perspective of family security, Ms. Liu and her husband have "five insurances" in the unit, but both husband and wife have not purchased commercial insurance, which needs to be strengthened for a young family who is in the growth stage and whose family wealth accumulation is relatively weak. In terms of investment, Ms. Liu's family has a relatively single investment path. At present, there is only a fixed investment fund of 500 yuan per month and 16000 investment insurance per year, and there are no other forms of financial products

financial management goal is to buy insurance for the family and reduce family worries with the help of insurance

Ms. Liu's family security is relatively weak. Although the provident fund can cover the housing loan, once the husband and wife lose their ability to work, die, or have other risk events, it will bring a series of blows to their family economy: the liabilities of the housing loan will increase relatively, and the family income will be greatly reduced, Therefore, it is necessary to supplement some commercial insurance. It is suggested that Ms. Liu's husband buy a term life insurance with an amount at least covering the loan amount, so that there will be no worries when the accident comes. In addition, Ms. Liu and her husband can each add a serious illness insurance. It is suggested to choose the savings type serious illness insurance, and the premium should be 10% of their monthly income. The advantage of savings type serious illness insurance is that it can give consideration to investment and protection. If there is a risk during the insurance period, you can directly obtain the insured amount. If there is no risk, you will return the insured amount and dividends when it expires. This is equivalent to opening a "health account" for Ms. Liu's family, which can provide a good supplement to the family's economy in case of accidents, and it is equivalent to saving a pension in case of no accidents

through such an insurance plan, Ms. Liu and her husband can deposit about 2000 yuan into their "health account" every month, which can add an invisible protective wall to the family, so as not to affect the normal operation of the family and break the original plan to the greatest extent when risks occur

Ms. Liu wants to buy accident insurance and education insurance for her son. As a large amount of money is needed for house decoration one year later, it is suggested to consider the previous consumer insurance for children's accidents and accidental medical treatment first, and then give the child a saving children's insurance that takes into account serious illness and education with a premium exemption of about 3000 yuan per month after the house can be occupied. This can alleviate the financial pressure at this stage, and after the new house is occupied, the saved rent will be used to increase the children's serious diseases, and education security will not bring additional burden to the family economy

the financial management goal is to save at least 150000 decoration money to apply for credit consumer loans to relieve the financial pressure

after deducting the insurance expenses mentioned above, the balance of Ms. Liu's family is about 100000 a year, plus 10000 current, there is a decoration fund gap of at least 40000 yuan a year later. At the same time, Ms. Liu also needs to establish a living reserve fund for the elderly in case of need

decorating a few months later means paying a few more months' rent, and leaving enough money for parents' living reserves means decorating later... At this stage, it is suggested that Ms. Liu and her husband apply for personal credit consumer loans in the bank, and open the function of borrowing and repayment at any time. This is equivalent to applying for a credit line, which can be used at any time when needed, and can be repaid in installments when there is a salary recorded every month, Since the interest of credit loan is calculated according to the amount of funds occupied and the simple interest of days, the actual cost will not be too high. This can not only alleviate the pressure of decoration funds, but also solve the urgent need when both parents have an accident

financial management objective: to maintain and increase the value of family assets and do a good job in flow fund management. After such financial planning, the financial situation of Ms. Liu and her family has been stable within two years, and there can be fixed funds at their disposal every month. It is suggested to increase the fixed investment capital by 1000 yuan per month. Among them, 500 yuan chooses the index fund as a supplement to the children's future education funds, and the other 500 yuan chooses the bond fund to supplement the living reserve funds of both parents. The remaining funds can be put into the monetary fund first, and then the investment channels can be expanded after the accumulation to a certain amount, so as to promote the maintenance and appreciation of household assets

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