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Through top wardrobe

also known as indomitable wardrobe, as the name suggests, refers to the design of wardrobe flush with the roof. This kind of wardrobe is usually seamlessly connected with the ground and roof, which is more integrated

for small partners with more clothes, this kind of wardrobe has a larger capacity, and the interior can be classified and designed. It can be seen at a glance when taking daily use. At the top, you can also put some bedding, out of season clothes or other sundries, making full use of the limited space area to maximize the storage function

compared with the traditional wardrobe, the through top wardrobe has a stronger overall sense, is more conducive to cleaning, and avoids the trouble of cleaning the top of the wardrobe, so it is deeply loved by the public

transparent wardrobe

in the impression, the wardrobe is generally closed, and the painted cabinet door is used to cover all clothes, so as to achieve the effect of unifying with the indoor style

but now, with the improvement of people's aesthetic level, people pursue fashion and a sense of permeability. This traditional wardrobe, which is not conducive to ventilation, is gradually replaced by transparent glass. It is more like a display stand, which makes the bedroom look exquisite and atmospheric, and brings a different amazing beauty to the bedroom

the hue, lines, transparency, etc. of these glass wardrobe can be customized according to the owner's aesthetic and needs. The cabinet door can also be designed in combination with the physical cabinet, as long as it conforms to your own lifestyle and is unified with the overall style of the bedroom

combined wardrobe

combined wardrobe is an integrated design that combines the wardrobe with other functional cabinets in the bedroom

for small houses, the most popular is the combined wardrobe at present. The biggest advantage of this kind of wardrobe is to make full use of every inch of space, which can not only play the function of storing clothes, but also combine with desks, dressing tables, office areas, etc. according to their own needs, with unimaginable practicality

as long as you like it and are harmonious with the bedroom style, you can give full play to your imagination and make a wardrobe that meets your personalized needs. A beautiful and practical wardrobe is usually on the basis of simple shape, which can meet the daily storage needs and usage habits. It not only improves the beauty, but also endows the bedroom with more vitality

choosing environmentally friendly boards to improve the quality of home life has increasingly become one of the focuses of every modern family

environmental protection board is a trend that will never change

baidibao's factory is located in Linyi, Shandong Province, which is known as the city of plates. Baidibao ecological plates use high-quality logs and environmental friendly glue independently developed by the company to truly control environmental protection below E0 level, providing more environmental protection protection protection for consumers

baidibao ecological board can imitate the fancy texture of existing trees, giving people a sense of natural simplicity, excellent performance, fire prevention, moisture resistance, wear resistance, etc. it is also very useful. Baidibao ecological board can be seen everywhere in floors, home decoration, cabinets, and wardrobes


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