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>>Technology buyers, the whole network of top-notch goods discount/special sale recommendation platform. Now the bathroom non slip floor tiles on the market are mainly divided into quartz tiles, antique tiles and emery tiles. Consumers can choose according to their preferences, and set the corresponding radian when laying to facilitate drainage. If possible, a shower room can be added. Its installation can make the bathroom separate dry and wet, reduce the possibility of slipping due to water on the ground, and greatly improve the safety and cleanliness of the bathroom. Of course, anti slip mats should be added at the door of the shower room or bathtub to prevent skid and absorb water

second, formaldehyde bacteria should not be ignored

the humid environment in the bathroom is a "good place" to breed bacteria and nourish insects. Therefore, ventilation equipment should be installed in the bathroom to keep the bathroom dry and ventilated. Pay attention to the cleaning of bottles and cans of toiletries in the bathroom, and the joints of toilets and washdesks. Towels, bath towels and other items should be placed outdoors in a place with direct sunlight and good ventilation

in addition, the boards used in the cabinets, ceilings and floors in the bathroom are places where formaldehyde is concentrated, and due to the space limitations of the bathroom, the concentration is generally high, which requires special attention. Even after a period of ventilation, the trace of formaldehyde cannot be completely eliminated. Therefore, green plants that absorb formaldehyde should be placed in the bathroom to keep the bathroom ventilated and avoid harm to the body

III. lack of detail protection

most people will ignore the same problem during decoration: install protective measures in the bathroom. For example, few people will set up a safety handrail. In fact, its existence can well protect themselves and their families. When you slip carelessly, the handrail will provide a layer of protection to alleviate the limb damage caused by falling

in addition, modern decoration styles are changeable and diverse, which leads many people to ignore safety while pursuing creativity and beauty. When choosing bathroom hand washing table and bathroom cabinet, you should give up the sharp and hard right angle design, and use arc lines or install protective strips to avoid being hurt by sharp edges and corners when accidentally bumping or slipping, especially for the families of the elderly and children

IV. the bathroom should use electricity safely.

the top priority of bathroom decoration is the protection of electricity. After all, electric water heaters, hair dryers, Yuba and other equipment need electricity, and there are a lot of water sources in the bathroom, which is prone to electric shock. Especially in autumn and winter, when bathing, the circuit load is relatively large, which is particularly prone to electrical safety problems

sockets with protective safety covers should be used in the bathroom, and the circuits should be sealed, waterproof and insulated. As the overall power consumption is large, the toilet should be equipped with a separate power consumption circuit and a special electric switch. The electric water heater installed in the bathroom is directly related to the life safety of family bathing, so it is very important to choose products with more security. It is suggested to choose "the next generation of safer" Haier anti electric wall electric water heater. Its unique patented anti electric wall technology can not only block the possible leakage of the electric water heater itself, but also block the safety threat to the bathing family caused by the charged ground wire or water pipe. In the past 13 years, Haier electric wall water heater has provided safe bathing escort for 73 million families, and there has been no electric shock accident

v. you should pay attention to the use of gas in bathing

for a new home with a narrow bathroom space, a gas water heater is a better choice. The advantage is to liberate the bathroom space. However, because the gas water heater is generally installed near the connection between the kitchen and the living room, once the machine breaks down, causing carbon monoxide leakage, it will threaten the life safety of the whole family. Therefore, when purchasing the gas water heater, we should pay particular attention to the safety problem of "preventing carbon monoxide poisoning"

for the potential safety hazards of gas water heaters, Haier's innovative research and development leads the next generation of safer "anti carbon monoxide poisoning" WPT gas water heaters. Equipped with an integrated carbon monoxide security system, the monitoring equipment is close to the leakage source, which can not only detect carbon monoxide leakage at the first time, but also monitor the indoor carbon monoxide concentration for 24 hours. No matter the carbon monoxide leakage caused by the gas water heater or the gas stove, as long as the monitoring system finds that the carbon monoxide content in the indoor air exceeds 150ppm, it will immediately generate a buzzer alarm and automatically close the gas pipeline, and actively start the fan to discharge the exhaust gas to ensure safety. Even if the kitchen doors and windows are closed in winter, the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning can be minimized

in addition, this water heater is equipped with an intelligent water servo system. By adjusting the proportion of cold and hot water in the outlet water of the water heater, the outlet water temperature is constant. With 16 liters of super large water volume and sufficient hot water volume, it can meet the requirements of family shower and washing at the same time, and can provide you with constant temperature hot water in winter

Haier WPT gas water heater not only provides full security, but also brings you the most comfortable winter water experience. In the tense pace of life, to create a relaxed and carefree lifestyle for you, can search "Haier WPT" or click the following link to buy it:

news background:

Haier is not only the world's first brand of white electricity, but also the world's first brand of water heaters. According to the 2016 market statistics of baishiyue, a global authority, Haier electric water heater has ranked first in the world for four consecutive years. Haier launched the "next generation of smart and safe gas water heaters" in 2016, which completely overturned the safety standards of the gas water heater industry. As a global expert in safe water use, as early as 2008, Haier integrated the first-class expert technical team of the world's five major R & D centers to innovate and develop the industry's first times + safety protection system, which can protect the carbon monoxide and methane content in bathrooms and kitchens at the same time. In 2012, at the China International cabinet, kitchen and bathroom products and Technology Expo, Haier won the certificate of "preferred brand of safe water heater" in the industry with its first dual security technology that can detect carbon monoxide and natural gas at the same time. For a long time, Haier water heater has been devoted to the research of gas water heater technology. The GS safety standard, composed of carbon monoxide protection technology, 56 heavy safety protection system and blue flame patent, has changed from passive to active protection with safety higher than the national standard, and monitored the gas environment for 24 hours, bringing a more comprehensive safety experience to users





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