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Bookcase is not only a symbol of culture and civilization, but also a manifestation of people's desire for knowledge. Since ancient times, books have their presence and location in both home environments and public places. Bookcases should be bought according to local conditions. Measure the size of bookcases and room sizes, and buy bookcases that are suitable for your home and the type of books you collect. Then, let's introduce the size of the bookcase and the purchasing skills of the bookcase

modern fashion style of the size of the bookcase

different from the above style, this bookcase style is a modern fashion style. The most unique thing about the bookcase is its stretch design. Customers can adjust the width of the bookcase according to the size of the home space, and can also hide some trivial small objects, which is beautiful and practical. In terms of color, the bookcase has a warm tone of pure white in the middle, and a pure black tone on the left and right symmetrical sides. The perfect combination of black and white colors explains the perfect encounter between classics and fashion, making our bedroom space more attractive. This bookcase is 260mm wide and 1800mm high

simple style of bookcase size

this bookcase style is simple style. On the material, the bookcase adopts the superior solid wood frame design, which has the characteristics of hard structure, wear resistance, compression resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. the overall line design is very simple and natural, and the surface has a clear and delicate natural solid wood art, which makes us seem to smell the simplicity of nature. In addition, this bookcase has a powerful storage function to meet your reading preferences and bring a more quiet and comfortable reading atmosphere to your study. The size of this bookcase is 2150mm high and 2865mm wide

size of bookcase European style

romantic European style can often be used in the production of bookcase furniture. This bookcase is the European romantic style design that we modern people are keen on. The pure white comfortable appearance, the overall lines are simple and smooth, and the beautiful arc outline a quiet and comfortable reading atmosphere. At the same time, in the design of the cabinet door, the lower part adopts the closed design, which can provide us with some designs that we don't often read. The upper part is the glass cabinet door design, which is both neat and beautiful and convenient to find. The size of this bookcase is 840mm for the left two doors, 385mm for the single door, 700mm for the corner, 860mm for the two doors, 400mm for the right two doors, and 2150 for the height

buying skills of bookcase

1. Pay attention to the internal and external dimensions of bookcase

if the books are mostly 32 folio, it is not necessary to choose the bookcase with the height and thickness of large 16 folio books, so as to avoid wasting valuable space in vain. In addition, you can choose some adjustable bookcases, and the height of the compartment can be adjusted at will, which can effectively avoid the waste of space

2. Pay attention to the firmness of the bookcase

books are generally heavy, so the requirements for firmness are very high. In particular, the middle horizontal plate is required to be strong and have strong vertical support, so that the whole can be firm and durable, and it is not easy to cause the deformation of the bookcase

3. Choose the style according to your needs

if you are storing less commonly used books, you can choose the sealed type. The protection of the cabinet door can make it difficult to collect dust in the cabinet and protect the cleanness of books. If you store books that you often read, you can choose the open design, which is more convenient to take. The large floor bookcase can be used as a space barrier

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