Vibes wardrobe 10 Secrets you don't know. Use it q

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Ingenious use of cabinets can not only save home space, but also beautify home decoration. Next, please follow the wardrobe of vipassy to see the secrets of using the cabinets


porch cabinet and porch stool combination

you can sit and change shoes, store things under it, and hang some odds and ends for going out in the empty cabinet, killing three birds with one stone

living room

TV cabinet there is no backplane in the place where the TV is placed

so you don't have to worry about insufficient perforations in the TV cabinet. Make oneortwo cabinets for the set-top box, which can be stored beautifully and avoid the dust on the set-top box

partition cabinets are made into hollow or irregular shapes

suitable for houses with small living room space, which gives people a lot of visual space

bold use of color contrast

suitable for simple style, avoid monotony, such as dark and light colors, or cold and warm color contrast


the wine cabinet and the bar are designed into one

suitable for those who want to be a bar in a small restaurant space, so it is convenient to take wine while saving space


cloakroom men's and women's partitions

things are better classified and stored. The husband and wife have their own space and can share family time

bedside table and dressing table are combined into one

designed for insufficient space at the head of the bed, with interesting shape


the bookcase covers the door with glass

you can see the contents of the spine of the book and keep the books clean, and the books are not easy to get wet in wet seasons. Because the use frequency of bookcase doors is very high, glass doors must be selected with good quality, so that they are not easy to break or deform

the corner position uses a zigzag desk

the zigzag desk saves plates compared with the L-shaped desk. The corner position can use a low drawer to support the desk, and the counter acts as a desktop, with an additional storage space

children's room

do not install the cabinet door at the lower part of the children's cabinet

so that the baby will not be caught by the cabinet door, and there is room for the baby to learn to pack things by himself




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